Suite au passage de la Tempête Alex le 2 Octobre 2020, les accès au massif du Mercantour sont en cours de restauration.


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Until mid- June, there is still a lot of snow on the mountains. There are still a lot of ice glaciers above the mountain huts (2200m). To cross the mountain passes, I recommend that you must to be equipped with good shoes, sticks and studs if possible.
Christophe, the Manager

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Orientation :
  • Département: 06 Alpes-Maritimes
  • Commune: BELVÉDÈRE
  • Carte IGN: 3741 OT
  • Coordonnées géographiques: 
    • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 371976 4884712
    • Coordonnées GPS décimales:  44.104400 N / 7.400381 E
  • Access: Parking at the Countet Bridge
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Road access Road access in winter Transport en commun
  • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 371888 4881318
  • Coordonnées GPS décimales:  44.073839 N - 7.400104 E
1,686 m

Par la route

Cross the village of Belvédère and follow the road to its end at the level of the parking lot of the Countet.

Transports en commun

Hiking Bus to the parking lot of the Countet summer

Hors enneigement
5.30 km
690 m
02:00 h
The parking lot of the Countet (1690 m), the path signposted orographiique right bank of the Gordolasque until the tag 413. Cross the torrent right and borrow in front the path which rises up to the tag of 414. From there, ignore Lake Autier right trail to ascend the trail left in the steep climb of the wall of the Italians. Reached on a wide Ledge (2010 m), on the other Bank of the stream and continue rising following carefully the cairns and yellow markings. Reached at 416 beacon, continue by following the red and white GR signs that goes around the Lake to the right of the crazy before reaching the shelter of Nice (2232 m).
Nice hut (2232 m), the path GR that bypasses the Lake of the fools. Pass the dam and leave the GR to the 416 for tag continue down taking care to follow the cairns and yellow markings. Cross the river and dive into the steep descent of the wall of the Italians. Continue to descend after the 414 to recross the river that borders it on a path right bank up to the parking lot of the Countet (1690 m) bridge.
02:00 h
Avec enneigement
5.30 km
550 m
03:30 h
ATTENTION to the danger of avalanches. Check with the guard. Map and compass or GPS, highly recommended. Description: parking at the Countet (1690 m), cross the bridge and follow North the route of the old road orographic left bank of the Gordolasque, to the foot of the Estrech lock. Leave to the Valley of the Lake Autier right to prosecute the Gordolasque Plumb. Climb the steep and avalanche slope that ends up in a tightening called wall of the Italians. Down slightly and cross the Valley (2010 m) at best. Then rise switchbacks on a hundred meters into the avalanche slope of the eastern side of the Neiglier. A long traverse North, join the bottom of the Valley, wide and flat. Continue leaving left the Valley of Columbus mount to pass in front of the former camp of the Barme and achieve, by a last raidillon, the Dam Lake of the fools. Around the Lake by its orographic right bank and climb the last slope steep promontory which gives access to the refuge of Nice (2232 m).